Secret sausage recipe for patients

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Patients from St Catherine’s Hospice Neurological Clinic recently got stuck in with a sausage making workshop. With the help of hospice nurses and volunteers, five patients who have a range of neurological conditions including Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone Disease (MND) came together to make sausages using patient Pat’s best-selling recipe.

Pat, a retired butcher from Handcross, shared his recipe for his best-selling Old Sussex sausages with other patients and hospice staff after hospice wide departments came together to arrange the special workshop.

As the group set to work, Pat oversaw their efforts and told them his top sausage making tips including, “Always mix the seasoning and water by hand” and “when adding the meat into the seasoning, do it a bit at a time, breaking it up with your hand so it mixes well.”

The sausage making workshop was a really fun activity and patients, staff and volunteers all thoroughly enjoyed it. With laughter ringing down St Catherine’s corridor, passing staff came in to see what was happening.

After St Catherine’s nurse Sylvie, persevered with the sausage making machine, some lovely sausages materialised, although Pat commented: “If I’d taken this long I’d be out of business!”.

The sausages were taken to St Catherine’s kitchen to cure and to store for patients to enjoy when they next visit Day Hospice.

The project is all part of how St Catherine’s helps patients to live well for as long as they can. The St Catherine’s Day Hospice is a place that patients can visit for a few hours for symptom control but also to spend time with people in a similar situation and enjoy activities and past times they used to do, with the help of a specialised multi-disciplinary team and equipment.

man with sausages