I’m proud I can help patients see their visitors

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As we’ve adapted to new ways of working, many staff are covering different roles to support our service delivery, and make sure we remain best placed to provide the high quality care and support we’re known for.

Maxine De Thier Lowe, one of our new Shop Managers, is covering our essential screening checks, which allow us to make sure that our patients in the hospice can still safely have visitors. Here she shares how she’s finding this role – a slightly different one from managing a shop – the job she was employed for!

“At first I was a little apprehensive about doing visitor screening but after thorough training I’m finding it extremely satisfying, as it gives me the chance to get to know visitors and other staff.

Everyone at the hospice is so friendly and approachable. The experience has been remarkable, and I get a great sense of fulfillment knowing I’m helping allow our patients to safely see their loved ones during these difficult times.

It’s really important our patients are still able to have their visitors, and it’s only possible thanks to the thorough, safe checks we have in place. Although we’ve had to restrict visiting hours and the number of visitors for each patient, being able to see their essential visitors makes a big difference to our patients and their family members who visit. 

This role has allowed me to see first-hand the amazing role everyone plays in making sure that our patients are treated with love, care, compassion and respect, during this stage of their lives.

I’ve also seen how the visitors really appreciate everyone and everything that the hospice provides. It’s an experience that will really help me when I’m working in one of our shops in the future.

Working at the hospice has made me realise, even more than previously, how important all of our roles are to make sure the running of our hospice continues, especially during coronavirus.

I’m proud that I work for St Catherine’s and can contribute to the amazing work that goes on.”