It was so special to play music for her

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Recently, when a patient on our ward, who loves music, had friends who wanted to come and play music for her, we set up a small performance in our patient garden. All of our patients and their relatives were able to enjoy lovely melodies, bringing a sense of normality and comfort.

Anna, one of the musicians who visited, tells us more, “Sarah and I are both music teachers and have been working together for over a decade. We’ve always bounced off each other, and after playing together at work, we started improvising music with another of our friends Becky, in different musical styles. I really enjoy playing in the group. After a few evenings playing together in Becky’s front room, we decided to share it further afield, starting with a couple of open sessions in her church. We take requests and try to paint pictures through music for people, for example a sunset beach or stormy seas.

I’d never been to the hospice before visiting my friend

I had a bit of trepidation when I first arrived, but I was struck by how friendly everyone was. Sarah and I were shown to the garden where I set up my cello, and Sarah set up her clarinet.

It was so special to play music for her

That day our friend was upbeat. She seemed to be more well than the previous time I’d seen her. I wasn’t expecting her to be so lively – she was more like the friend I know and love. It was so special to play music for her. I caught her eye a few times and she looked so peaceful. While we were playing one piece, she even let out a contented sigh. We laughed a lot and she joined in on her own air piano. I enjoyed our chit-chat and riffing music together, it felt more like normality for all of us.

It was lovely to know our music was enjoyable for other patients too

Nurses told us it was wafting around the corridors. Music has such a soothing effect on people, and playing at the hospice was a positive, uplifting, enjoyable time. It gave me really precious memories with my friend.”

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