18 weeks into building our new hospice

New Hospice News

Paul Rycroft, our New Build Delivery & Collaboration Director, provides the latest update on the building of our new hospice.

“It’s been an eventful few weeks with our new build

Not only have we seen such amazing support from our community through our Charity Extra appeal, but we have also seen significant progress on site.

The first phase of construction is all about getting the ground prepared – important stuff, but not a great deal to show. In these last few weeks this has all changed as the steel frame has now been constructed so we can see the full extent of our new hospice building. 

It was a real pleasure to show the fundraising team how works are progressing and we’d encourage everyone to at least drive by and see the site if you have the chance.

From this point the work will start to enclose the building

Work has commenced on the floors, walls and laying out the necessary drainage runs for our 100 sinks. Despite the pressures of the current market, all of our work is still progressing to plan meaning that we are still anticipating being able to start our services at our new hospice next autumn.”