A Perfect Bed

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I like my bed.

Particularly on a dark chilly January morning, I leave it very reluctantly!  And yet for those we care for, and for those providing that care, the right bed is even more important.

Although we will take some of our existing stock with us, we are currently sourcing new beds for our new home and have been evaluating what various suppliers have to offer.  I didn’t realise the range of options available and it’s been fascinating to listen to the discussions between company reps and our staff as we review examples of beds that have been brought into the hospice.

There is much to consider: how a bed can adjust and tilt, some go quite low to the ground, some can be extended to accommodate larger people or even work as a double bed.  There are options for cots sides, drop sides, extendable foot boards, bed controls, scales, power assisted moving, battery back-ups, bumpers, powered slide sheets, multiple finishes and that’s before you even start on the range of mattresses!  Of course, this has to be balanced with cost and prices range from a few hundred pounds to the price of a reasonable family car.

All this underlines the importance of seeing and evaluating the options and its been good to have several of the suppliers on site for us to quiz.  The last of these product demonstrations are in late  January when Linet comes to visit us.