Sample brickwork for our new hospice building

New Hospice News

Paul Rycroft, our New Build Delivery & Collaboration Director, provides the latest update on the building of our new hospice at Pease Pottage which allow us to provide even more care to even more people in our community.

“With so many people involved in the building of our new hospice, it’s important that everyone involved is clear about what’s required.

This starts with everyone who works with us receiving an induction which includes a section on how each person working on the project is supporting St Catherine’s to deliver outstanding care.

With the building having been designed and modelled in 3D it means there’s also lots of information available to help the team get the build right first time.

For instance, because the drawings are so detailed our steel frame was assembled onsite without having to carry out any remedial work, helping the team not just deliver this key element of the building right, but also keeping it on time and without extra cost.

One of the next biggest stages of the build is to complete the brickwork; as well as all the drawings and checks to ensure it all goes in the right place, another key quality tool is the sample wall. 

The photo below is a picture of a panel built to illustrate the standard required.

This makes it easier for the various bricklayers to see the expected finish and style.  The mortar mix is also controlled to ensure consistency throughout the build to give an even, solid looking finish to the building. 

This same technique will be used for several stages of our build, not least finishing off one of our patient rooms ahead of the others so that we can ensure consistency across all the patient suites.”

If you would like to make a donation towards our new building so we can provide more care to more people in the future we’d be most grateful. As well as donating online you can donate by calling our Fundraising Team on 01293 447361.