Enclosing our building’s steel frame

New Hospice News

Paul Rycroft, our New Build Delivery & Collaboration Director, provides the latest update on the building of our new hospice.

“Now that the steel frame is in place, the work to provide services and enclose the frame has started

The first part of this is to put each of the floors in place.  The ground floor is a ‘block and beam’ floor; beams are spanned across supporting walls and then filled by placing blocks on their side along them.  Ahead of this over a hundred drainage runs are put in place below the floor level ready for all our toilets, showers and basins.

Drainage being positioned on one of our wards
Upstairs the floor is concrete, poured onto a corrugated decking with reinforcement in place

This has been prepared during the last couple of weeks and we are now ready for the concrete.  Unfortunately, due to the hot weather, this will now take place at the end of this week, rather than at the start.  In the meantime other preparatory works continue and you can see how the first floor looks, complete with its reinforcing by viewing the drone footage below: