Capturing memories at our new hospice

New Hospice News

Paul Rycroft, our New Build Delivery and Collaboration Director provides an update on how we’re thoughtfully considering how we can capture memories of our Malthouse Road hospice and take these with us to our new home at Pease Pottage.

“What is so special about Malthouse Road? So many things! And many of you reading will have your own memories and thoughts of what makes Malthouse Road and our hospice here so special. 

For nearly 40 years Malthouse Road has been at the heart of delivering the vision of St Catherine’s.  As we look forward to Pease Pottage it’s also important that we don’t forget where we have come from or what has been achieved here.

One way we will encourage this is through an exhibition at our new site, capturing the heart of just what St Catherine’s is. 

To kick this off we’re very grateful to local artist, Jon Collins who is creating an original piece of art for us, capturing our Memory Tree that sits in the Quiet Garden of our current hospice.  Jon isn’t a stranger to supporting St Catherine’s as he’s also painted an amazing tiger for us (you can see more on his website).

Jon is keen to paint something that captures what we feel about the Memory Tree, and part of that process is to make some preliminary sketches and use them to refine the idea.

We wanted to share a sneak peek of the first sketch below with you all, and we’re currently gathering feedback from staff and volunteer colleagues to help Jon as his project progresses.

First sketch Memory Tree

We’re so grateful for the amazing range of skills and talents people use to support us.  We’ll keep you posted as this art project progresses.”