St Catherine’s Hospice launches ambitious Full Circle Appeal

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35 years ago St Catherine’s Hospice was founded by local people who wanted to transform care at the end of life for others in their community. Thanks to the generosity and support of people like you, the local charity has provided expert physical and emotional care to thousands of terminally ill local people and their families.

Last year alone, the hospice cared for around 2,000 people. But for every person St Catherine’s helps there are two others it currently can’t.

That means that two in three terminally ill people in our community are being left to manage their illness and the challenges that brings without hospice support. It means people are being left to face death and dying alone, and it means families are being left to care for loved ones without expert help. And it’s happening all around us.

Things need to change. That is why St Catherine’s is launching the Full Circle Appeal, to raise £20 million so no one has to face death and loss alone. Everyone in our local community deserves the best possible care. With your support, St Catherine’s wants to make sure they get it.

Giles Tomsett, Chief Executive at St Catherine’s said, “Our Full Circle Appeal, which includes a new larger hospice at Pease Pottage, invests in the future care of our community. The care of our children, grandchildren, neighbours and friends. Our appeal’s ambitious but vital because right now we’re not helping enough people. For every one of your neighbours, colleagues, friends or family we can help, there are two others we can’t. That’s too many people left alone towards the end of their lives. And too many families left to manage without support.

We need to raise £20 million so we can be there for everyone when life comes full circle. We’re not there – yet. It’s something we want to change. I’m confident together with your support, we can. With your help, we’ll keep working until no one faces death and loss alone. We’re born surrounded by love, our deaths should be the same. That’s what I want for people in our community. I hope you want the same.”

To make a donation to secure the future care of your community please click here or to find out more about St Catherine’s new hospice building please click here.