I love my job and I couldn’t do it without your support

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Katie Costello is a Nursing Assistant who cares for local people in their homes. She shares more about her work and how your support makes it possible.

I support people who are dying at home, and their families with their physical needs, personal care, or emotional and spiritual support.

My colleagues and I are there to provide whatever someone needs, and to help them in every way that we possibly can.

I love my job, and I couldn’t do it without your support.

So, this is a very personal thank you from me to you, for allowing me to do something I love, and enabling my colleagues and I to help people in your community who need hospice care.

Your support keeps us going through our most challenging days, it helps so many local people feel so much better at the end of their lives, and provides reassurance and comfort to their families, too.

We’re determined not to let this horrible pandemic prevent us caring for people when they need us most.

But coronavirus has made our jobs tough. We’re wearing gloves, aprons and masks during every visit to keep people safe, and we’re working doubly hard to make sure that everybody continues to receive the same level of connection from us, so they still feel loved and supported.

In these difficult and uncertain times, providing care to people at home has become even more important.

Most people want to spend their last days in familiar surroundings that hold precious memories for them. By supporting our hospice, you make that possible.

You make sure we can be there so people’s last days are as comfortable as they can be.

Since the arrival of coronavirus, it’s become more important than ever for people to receive care and support in the safety of their home, because many of their conditions mean they’re much more vulnerable to this virus.

I wish you could see the difference our care makes to people at the end of their lives. That’s why I do what I do – to make that difference.

But I can only do that because of kind supporters like you.

Thank you so much for helping me – and all my colleagues at St Catherine’s – to continue providing the best possible end of life care for people who really need it.

Katie Costello

St Catherine’s Hospice Community Care Team

P.S. A gift of £50 could cover the cost of a tank of petrol for a member of our Community Care Team, so they can make sure no one in your community is left struggling without the support they need. 

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