New Build – Meeting our neighbours

New Hospice News

Paul Rycroft, our New Build Delivery and Collaboration Director shares his reflections about the recent Summer Fair held at Pease Pottage.

“The residents of Woodgate held their second summer fair recently and it was great to have our St Catherine’s stall right outside our ever growing building. 

Amongst the various stalls and sellers we were able to meet many of our future neighbours, bring them up to date with our plans and find out what they thought.

People were really keen to find out more and it was good to be able to explain just what a hospice is and what it will mean for us to be part of their local community. 

It was also reassuring to hear that they had no problems with our builders and were impressed with the way the build was going. Who knows, maybe we were talking to some future volunteers!”

Stalls at the fair on the Village Green