Our walls are rising!

New Hospice News

Paul Rycroft, our New Build Delivery and Collaboration Director shares the latest update on the progress of our new hospice building.

“This week we have seen the walls getting higher, our first windows installed and the first roof tiles being fitted into place.

There’s still much work to fully finish the structure but all the elements are now coming together. For those with a keen eye it’s also worth noting just how much insulation is being fitted to our building. 

The black slabs in the photograph (below) are eight inch thick insulation blocks sitting between the brick outer wall and the central wall membrane – a similar sandwich of material makes up the inside of the wall so overall our walls will be nearly 800mm thick – that’s the same as the depth of a standard desk! 

This insulation represents a significant investment in the sustainable performance of the building, dramatically decreasing the amount of heat we need to put into the building in the winter and stopping the heat of summer making our workspaces unbearable.”

If you would like to donate towards our new hospice which will provide more care to more people in the local community please donate here or call 01293 447361.