Piling and rigging is being put in place

New Hospice News

Paul Rycroft, our New Build and Collaboration Director, gives an update on how the building of our new hospice is progressing.

“We are now at week 6 of our 76 week build programme

With the initial works to set up the site concluding, the team are moving to the next key element of the build – piling.

Our building is going to be steel framed and to support this instead of a traditional trench footing we have piles; these are pillars of reinforced concrete in the ground that support the steel framework.

The diagram below shows these as the grey ‘stilts’ underneath our building.

We will need a total of 297 of these piles and a special rig is working on site over the next 4 weeks to put these in place

The title photo shows some of this rig in place and the YouTube clip https://youtu.be/aAZoTG0EY3U shows you more how this process works.

Unfortunately there isn’t much to see as a result of all this work, but this important stage means that we’ll be all ready for the steel frame when that arrives in June.”