Thinking ahead to moving to our new hospice

New Hospice News

It’s great to see the work now underway at our new hospice site

Although we’re still in the beginning of our build and moving into our new hospice still seems a long way off, we’re already starting to think about how we will work and how we will transfer all that is amazing about our current hospice and organisation to our new home.

We have started to set out our plans by visiting other hospices that have gone through similar moves in recent years

This has provided us with great insight and a long list of things to think about.  We’re now starting to put together our own plans that reflect our own unique situation.

We will be running a number of workshops with all areas of the hospice over the coming months so that by the end of the summer we have good plans that detail how we will work at Pease Pottage

We will have more space so can consider how we might work differently at our hospice, what equipment we will need to take or purchase, and finally how we plan to get everyone familiar with their new surroundings. We piloted a workshop with our Hospitality and Facilities team which was a success!

It’s exciting to see so many aspects of our new home coming together!